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My Personal Experience of Passing Microsoft 70-480: Programming in HTML5 with JavaScript and CSS3

My brief introduction

I’m a young lady of 27 years and I work on SharePoint as a developer. I love my work and I have been getting my hands dirty in programming since 2010. I first started with PHP and now work with ASP.NET, and C#. In 2016, I developed a very strong interest in JavaScript, although I only used it to facilitate my work on SharePoint. Then, I figured out that if I really want to become an expert in this field, I need to consider studying for MCSD. So, my first step was to register for the Microsoft 70-480 exam. I’m really looking forward to working my way to the level of MCSD App builder. I know it’s not going to be an easy task, but I’m prepared for hard work. I honestly studied hard for this exam and it surely paid off. I passed my test at my first attempt. I’ve decided to share my experience and the resources I used during my preparation for Microsoft MCSD 70-480 exam with other test takers, so enjoy my story.

Who should take the exam?

The first thing I wanted to do before registering for the exam was to see whether it is indeed something I want to do and not just a whim. Do I really think this certification will take me through my career path? You really need to answer that question too before you embark on taking the 70-480 certification exam. Well, in my search for answers, I discovered that the test is aimed at Software Developers who have a minimum of one to two years’ experience in developing web-based applications using CSS, HTML5, and JavaScript. Experience does not mean you have to be employed in an IT organization. It has to do with having hands-on experience in creating web applications. You can develop your applications personally and save the code for future reference. The exam is a great way to prove your knowledge and skills in building web applications. I also discovered that though the test can be taken by mid-level professionals in the industry, experienced programmersare also able to explore the field of CSS and JS in greater detail. For those with little or no experience, the certification content will prove to be extremely useful for your future career in IT.

How did I prepare for the exam?

I prepared for the Microsoft 70-480 exam within a period of 7 weeks. The first step I took wasgoing through Microsoft course 20480B. Although this course is pretty basic and somewhat dated, it is still a good foundation for any candidate who has not used JavaScript before. The course came with labs which were very useful in preparing for my exam.

Now, in full preparation, I signed up for PrepAway.com: Microsoft MCP MCSA MCSE MCSD 70-480 70-486 70-483 70-487 Pass4sure practice tests. I really recommend this because it will go a long way to help in your exam preparation. By the way, PrepAway is the official practice test provider of Microsoft. I signed up for the online practice test on the platform and the reason for this is basically because they usually refresh the practice tests on the platform in alignment with the numerous changes that Microsoft makesto the exam objectives. Note, MeasureUp does not offer PDF download that you can use for cramming for the exam. You have to study hard to pass your exam.

I started working on the practice test by choosing questions from certain objectives. I also made sure that all questions I took were in Certification Mode. One thing I learnt while preparing for my exam is that I need to study smart. When taking the practice test, I always ensure I have a blank website and Visual Studio openedwhere I tried to code everything about the practice test questions. At the end of the practice test, I check the correct answers on MeasureUp to know how well I have been able to master what I read. I also read the rationale behind all correct answers so that I can be better prepared for the next time.

Resource materials I used for the exam

I used both online and physical resources for my exam preparation. As online resources, I used W3Schools for my study. TheW3Schools platform offers a comprehensive library where you can access different tools for your preparation. I also took advantage of the numerous examples offered on the platform. In addition to this, I also usedMozilla Developer web pages for more information on JavaScriptalong withW3C.I also took my time to complete the learning pathway on Free Code Camp because I really needed to get the hang of the stuff. If you want to learn about coding while preparing for this exam, I recommend that you work through Free Code Camp to get hands-on experience on coding.

As physical resources, I used the recommended material: Exam Ref 70-480, authored by Rick Delorme. Although the book is a bit outdated as it was published in 2014, it covers all the content you need to study for the exam. If you take your time to study the book from the first chapter to the end, you can bet you have everything you need to pass the test.


My preparation absolutely paid off. I scored 879 out of the total 1000points, even though the passing mark is 700. Although it took some drilling on my part, the preparation definitely helped a lot. So in short, ensure you get the book reference and sign up forMeasureUp practice tests. You need to do a lot of study and use the numerous resources available to you. I used the resources mentioned above, and they really helped. You might want to check the same resources for your own preparation. There is absolutely nothing to fear in the exam. You only need to study hard and believe in yourself.

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