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How to Decorate Walls in a Signature Way with Wallpics Photo Tiles?

Decorating your walls in your signature way is something that everyone should do. This way you get a chance to give your personal touch to your home. It reflects your personality and let others know what kind of a person you are. However, not all wall decors available in the market whether online or offline has the potential to give you this opportunity to decorate your home in your own way like Wallpics gives you. This is one of the home décors that takes care of your style and that is why you are free to place it on any wall in the house and in any style, such as horizontal, vertical, zigzag, etc.

Despite saying this, it is important to point out that you should not choose Wallpics without really knowing what it is. That is why you are advised to learn more about Wallpics and its attributes.

What do you need to know about Wallpics?

The term Wallpics is an amalgamation of two words - walls and pics, where pics word is the short form of pictures. This could have given you the idea that Wallpics are technically pictures that you can hang on the walls. However, Wallpics offer you something more than this. Technically, these are customized photos that are shaped in tiles of the size 8”x8” square and are not hanged but stick on the walls of your rooms.

What makes Wallpics Unique?

Wallpics give you the opportunity to decorate your home in your signature style. Creating beautiful pictures for your home has never been easier – you can see it yourself if you visit the photo tiles.

Let's discuss why using Wallpics is so convenient:

It is eye-catching

Whenever you look for a wall décor you want to make sure that it is eye-catching and you will be happy to know that Wallpics is also quite attractive. The shape and size of these customized photos are such that it attracts anyone easily. Also, these pictures of yours have so many things to say about your fun time that whenever anyone takes a look at it gets spellbound and enjoys asking you about the photos. Wallpics creates a sort of curiosity among the onlookers and this way your purpose of putting it on the walls to get an enticing look is fulfilled.

It is easy to put on the wall

Buying a wall décor which is difficult to place on the wall can make you irritated as these days no one has so much of time to take extra effort to do tedious works, such as drilling a hole on the wall to hang the photos with the help of a screw or take a hammer and a nail to ensure that your photos do not fall down. With Wallpics you are free from all these work. You just need to open the box and stick the photos on the walls for which you have ordered these photos. It is easy to stick and the special adhesive present on it ensures that it sticks firmly on the wall and doesn’t fall off.

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It keeps your walls damage-free

You do not have to worry about the walls when you choose Wallpics as this is not one of those wall decorative that leaves mark on the wall when taken off. These are bespoke photo tiles that are designed in such a way that when you put it on the walls it remains there intact and when you take it off it doesn’t peel off the wall paints. It comes out clean and as already known requires no nail or a screw so it leaves no other marks too.

It can be moved around

You can use and reuse Wallpics as this can be moved around easily. Since these photos do not damage your wall so you are free to place it on any other wall of your room. This way you save the money of wall renovation and you also save money by buying new wall decors. The condition of the Wallpics remains the same so even when you use it a multiple time, it looks amazing on the walls of your home.

It is cost-effective

Wallpics is not very expensive, as you need to pay only $35 for a set of three photos and in case you want to add more snaps, then you have to pay $9 for each photo. This cost is not something that requires a deep pocket. Furthermore, as these customized photo tiles can be reused so it becomes a real value for money product.

 Just download Wallpics app on Apple iTunes or Google Play Store, and you will see that creativity does not require high costs.

How to use it in your signature style?

You can use it in your signature style by selecting the photos that define your personality and then placing these photos in a way that makes your home beautiful. You can use different places of your home to decorate with Wallpics, such as living room, kitchen, bedroom, even space beside stair steps, etc. You need to be thoughtful while selecting the pictures for each room and try new ways to place it on the walls. For instance, you can put the photos in a horizontal way in the living room while in the space beside stair steps you can put it in a vertical way.

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Looking for inspiration? Let’s see how celebrities use Wallpics:

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Actor Todd Chrisley and his new photo-wall: Wallpics. Find Todd on social media: Instagram and Facebook.

Actress Amanda Stanton and her wonderful photos: Wallpics. You can also visit Amanda’s profiles on Instagram and Facebook.

Actress Ashley Tisdale opens the package with her new Wallpics: Wallpics. Find Ashley on social media: Instagram and Facebook.

Television star Ashley Iaconetti shows beautiful moments captured on Wallpics: Wallpics. Visit Ashley’s social profiles: Instagram and Facebook.

How to order the Wallpics?

It is very simple to order Wallpics as it involves the use of the mobile app. You just have to download the app – wallpicsapp either from Google Play or from Apple store and then upload the photos on the app. You must make sure that you upload the finalized photos on the app and then place the order. The delivery of the photos could be received within 5 to six working days.


If you are really want to decorate your home in your signature style, then Wallpics is the best option for you. It gives you the opportunity to make your home look stunning without sending a fortune on it. So, download the app now and place the order without wasting time. Even Well Adams, the reality TV star and radio host has embraced Wallpics.


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