The Strange Case of Baked Alaska, aka Tim Gionet
UPC Staff | Sep 21, 2017

The Strange Case of Baked Alaska, aka Tim Gionet

I didn't choose the thug life, the thug life chose me.

I'm never looking to just merely turn a few heads, I'm constantly figuring out how to turn the world upside down and exceed their expectations. - Baked Alaska, October 2013.

Baked Alaska is a dessert made of ice cream and cake topped with browned meringue.  And he is also one of the most important figures of the new political movement in America.

Anthime Gionet, or Tim Gionet, or Timothy Treadstone, otherwise known as Baked Alaska, is a "Social Media Junkie. Rapper. Comedian" - at least that's what it says on his byline on when he worked for them. 

Early life and education

Gionet was born in 1988 in a devout Christian family in Anchorage, Alaska. His father is a pharmacist and mother, a nurse. He has been writing songs and playing piano and drums since he was 10.

After finishing high school in 2006, Gionet moved to Los Angeles for higher studies. He enrolled himself in Azusa Pacific University to study film and marketing. He interned in A&R and Marketing departments at Warner Bros. Records and Capitol Records. While in Los Angeles, he came in contact with Kevin Lyman, the founder of Warped Tour. Impressed by Gionet, Lyman offered him an internship in social media and marketing with the Warped Tour. Gionet took it. 

Career in music

Gionet's internship gig was soon upgraded to a paid job, and his name, to "Baked Alaska". It was Lyman who suggested Gionet that he should use a hip "stage name" for the media & entertainment business he is in. Gionet picked "Baked Alaska," because he is from Alaska and he was a stoner at the time, according to his interview with Business Insider.

After a few months, Gionet left the Warped to chase his lifelong dream of being a star in the show business. He revived his passion for music and singing and released his first EP, Into the Wild, in September 2013. 

He developed a bold and colorful persona and grew a mullet to complement his music.

It came together piece by piece. I wanted to be unique. I asked myself, "What style does a rapper NOT have?" Oh, a 1980's porn 'stache? Ok. How about a mullet? How creepy can I look? I ended up challenging myself to be confident. It turns out that girls really do like the mustache, though.

He continued to produce music, featuring artists such as Demario SB and Rico G The Mayor. He released his next rap and humor mixtape, Baked Chronicles Vol. 4, in 2014, on 4/20. He also released a song "White Russians" under his alter-ego rapper persona Baked Russia, who raps in a Russian accent. 

But he failed to become the star he wanted to be. His frustration kept mounting, and after a while, he called it quits and booked a flight back to Alaska. 


As he was getting ready to leave the boulevard of broken dreams, his life took a pleasant turn - the way it does in a feel-good movie with a happy ending. As he was putting his bags in the taxi, he got a call from BuzzFeed in response to his job application, which he had completely forgotten about. He took the job. 

Baked Alaska is now a social-media strategist for BuzzFeed in Los Angeles. He is having a good time creating memes and listicles. His colleagues thought he was great at what he does. Life was good for him, at least that's how he felt at the moment. He was just another young dude living the 9-to-5 life, working for a new media company in a big city.

He supported the Black Lives Matter movement, identified himself as a libertarian, and endorsed the Kentucky senator Rand Paul for President.

This was before the election season had landed in America, and when it did land, Gionet's life reached another climax. 

As he explained to Business Insider, this happened: 

I'll never forget this story. I was talking about the new Justin Bieber album. And I was like, 'Dude, that new Justin Bieber album is dope. I have to admit, I love Justin Bieber. He is totally my spirit animal.' And someone came up to me and was like, 'Hey bro, you can't say spirit animal, that's culturally appropriating Native American culture and that's not cool.'

He could not handle the political correctness on steroid at Buzzfeed. He felt his sociopolitical views are not welcome in a company which generally aligns with liberal politics. He started feeling like an outcast ever since it became known in the building that he is a Donald Trump supporter. To his colleagues, his "Make America Great Again" hat symbolized everything they hated. 

Disenchanted and disgruntled, Gionet quit BuzzFeed to become the XXL version of the object of hate for the likes of BuzzFeed. 

Donald Trump and 2016 election

Baked Alaska has now joined the Trump movement. Baked Alaska v 2.0 is now working with well-known alt-right internet celebs including Milo Yiannopoulos, Mike Cernovich, and Chuck Johnson. 

He finally felt he is accepted. Sometimes he got carried away and made statements like this, which only increased the distance between him and the tribe he wanted to join. He was rejected again. Then he matured up and got back in the ring. 

4Chan and 9GAG became his new zip codes. He mastered the art and science of meme-making and trolling - both online and offline. His social media following shows no signs of stopping. His loyalists are part of the big "Baked Fam". He is about to release a book on social media, Meme Magic Secrets Revealed. In addition, he also launched his own PR firm called In May 2017, he revealed the slack conversation in which his old BuzzFeed colleagues were wishing for Trump's assassination. 

He has finally found his groove, but he is not about to stop surprising the world. As he said in a 2013 interview:

I'm never looking to just merely turn a few heads, I'm constantly figuring out how to turn the world upside down and exceed their expectations. 

Baked Alaska on social media

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