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Theresa Kunegunda Sobieska

Electress of bavaria and of the electorate of the palatinate
The basics
AKA Theresa Kunegunda
Date of birth Kraków, Lesser Poland Voivodeship, Poland
Date of death Mar 10, 1730 Venice, Province of Venice, Veneto, Italy
Mother: Marie Casimire Louise de La Grange d'Arquien
Spouse: Maximilian II Emanuel, Elector of Bavaria
Father: John III Sobieski
Sister(s): Maria Teresa Sobieska
Brother(s): Aleksander Benedykt Sobieski Konstanty Władysław Sobieski James Louis Sobieski
Children: Charles VII, Holy Roman Emperor Clemens August of Bavaria Johann Theodor of Bavaria Ferdinand Maria Innocenz of Bavaria
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The details

Theresa Kunegunda (Polish: Teresa Kunegunda Sobieska, German: Kurfürstin Therese Kunigunde) (4 March 1676 – 10 March 1730) was a Polish princess, an Electress of Bavaria and of the Electorate of the Palatinate. She also served as Regent of the Palatinate in 1704–05.


She was a daughter of the Polish King John III Sobieski and Marie Casimire Louise de La Grange d'Arquien. Theresa Kunegunda Sobieska married Maximilian II Emanuel, elector of Bavaria, on 2 January 1695. She was mother of ten children by her husband, including Holy Roman Emperor Charles VII and Clemens August of Bavaria, Archbishop-Elector of Cologne, though only half of them survived till adulthood.

In 1704–05, following the evacuation of the Bavarian court to the Spanish Netherlands after the defeat at the Battle of Blenheim, she apparently was in charge of the government in the Stewardship of Munich of the Electorate of Bavaria as Regent Princess. However, when Theresa Kunegunda had found love letters of the Countess of Arco, a mistress of Max Emanuel, she left Munich to see her mother in Venice. The army would not allow her to return. Therefore, Theresa spent ten years in exile, only returning in 1715.

She rests in the Theatine Church in Munich.


  • A stillborn child (1695)
  • Maria Anna Karoline (1696–1750), nun
  • Charles VII, Holy Roman Emperor (1697–1745), King of Bohemia, and Elector of Bavaria
  • Philip Maurice Maria (1698–1719), posthumously elected Bishop of Paderborn and Bishop of Münster as news of his death had not yet spread
  • Ferdinand Maria Innocenz (1699–1738), Imperial Field Marshal
  • Clemens August (1700–1761), Archbishop of Cologne, Prince-Bishop of Hildesheim, Bishop of Paderborn
  • William (1701–1704), Prince of Bavaria
  • Alois John Adolf (1702–1705), Prince of Bavaria
  • John Theodore (1703–1763), Cardinal, Prince-Bishop of Regensburg, Bishop of Freising and Bishop of Liège
  • Maximilian Emanuel Thomas (1704–1709), Prince of Bavaria


Marek Sobieski
Jakub Sobieski
Jadwiga Snopkowska
Jan III Sobieski
Jan Daniłowicz
Zofia Teofillia Daniłowicz
Zofia Żółkiewska
Theresa Kunegunda Sobieska
Antoine de La Grange d'Arquien
Henri Albert de La Grange d'Arquien
Anne d'Ancienville
Marie Casimire Louise
Baptiste de La Châtre of Bruillebault
Françoise de La Châtre
Gabrielle Lamy
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