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Tatsuro Yamashita

Japanese singer-songwriter
The basics
Occupation Singer Singer-songwriter Record producer
Country Japan
AKA 山下達郎
Date of birth Ikebukuro
Spouse: Mariya Takeuchi
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The details

Tatsurō Yamashita (山下 達郎, Yamashita Tatsurō) (occasionally credited as Tatsu Yamashita or Tats Yamashita, born February 4, 1953) is a Japanese singer-songwriter and record producer.
Yamashita is best known for the song "Christmas Eve", which initially appeared on his album Melodies in 1983 and later became a hit throughout the decades. It is considered one of the standard Japanese Christmas songs, winning the Special Prize at the 45th Japan Record Awards 20 years after its release.


In 1973, Yamashita formed the band Sugar Babe with musicians including Taeko Onuki and Kunio Muramatsu, and released their sole album Songs two years later. After the group disbanded in 1976, Yamashita signed to RCA and launched his own career, with release of the solo album Circus Town. That same year he teamed up with Eiichi Ohtaki, who was the producer of Sugar Babe, and brief Sugar Babe member Ginji Ito to release an album titled Niagara Triangle Vol. 1. The collaboration was cited by MTV as one of the six Japanese supergroups that changed the history of Japanese music. When his 1979 award-winning album Moonglow gained moderate success, Yamashita rose to fame. In 1980, his song "Ride on Time" peaked at #3 on the Japanese Oricon, and the same-titled album topped the chart subsequently.

As a solo artist, Yamashita has released 17 studio albums, 2 live albums, multiple compilations and over 40 singles. He has been one of the most commercially successful Japanese male solo recording artists in the history of the Japanese album chart, selling approximately 9 million albums in total. He has also composed for films and television commercials, and worked on records by other artists. He is particularly successful as a musical collaborator for Mariya Takeuchi, who married him in 1982. They have one daughter.


Studio albums

Year Album Chart positions
Label Notes
1976 Circus Town 27 RVC/RCA Peaked the chart at the time of 2002 reissue
1977 Spacy 29
1978 Go Ahead! 25
1979 Moonglow 20
1980 Ride On Time 1 RVC/AIR
On the Street Corner 1 13 Expanded edition was reissued in later years
1982 For You 1
1983 Melodies 1 Alfa Moon
1984 Big Wave 2 Soundtrack for the same-titled motion picture
1986 Pocket Music 1
On the Street Corner 2 3
1988 Boku no Naka no Shounen (僕の中の少年) 1
1991 Artisan 1 Moon/MMG
1993 Season's Greetings 4 Christmas Album
1998 Cozy 1 Moon/Warner
1999 On the Street Corner 3 4
2005 Sonorite 2
2011 Ray of Hope 1

Albums recorded with other musicians

Year Album Chart positions
Label Notes
1975 Songs 3 Elec/Niagara
  • The only studio album by the band Sugar Babe
  • Peaked the chart at the time of 1994 reissue
1976 Niagara Triangle Vol.1
(with Eiichi Ohtaki and Ginji Ito)
63 Niagara/Columbia
  • Peaked the chart at the time of reissue

Live albums

Year Album Chart positions
Label Notes
1978 It's a Poppin' Time 28 RCA/Air Peaked the chart at the time of 2002 reissue
1989 Joy: Tatsuro Yamashita Live 3 Alfa Moon Double album

Compilation albums

Year Album Chart positions
Label Notes
1980 Tatsuro from Niagara 37 Niagara/Columbia Peaked the chart at the time of 2009 reissue
1982 Greatest Hits! of Tatsuro Yamashita 2 RVC/AIR
1984 Come Along II 8
Come Along 32
1985 Tatsuro Collection 35
1986 Ballad for You 37
Rock'n Funk Tatsu 59
1990 Best Pack I (1976–1979)
Best Pack II (1979–1982)
1995 Treasures 1 Moon/East West
2002 Rarities 1 Moon/Warner
2012 Opus (All Time Best 1975-2012) 1

Other releases

Following materials are not marketed to the record retailers, though they have been available via mail order to his official fan club.

Album Label Footnotes
Add Some Music to Your Day Wild Honey
  • Cover album that Yamashita and his friends produced and released independently in 1972
The Works of Tatsuro Yamashita Vol.1
  • Compilation comprises his compositions written for other artists
Tatsuro Yamashita CM Collection Vol.1
  • Compilation comprises materials originally used in the advertisements and never issued on his official releases
Tatsuro Yamashita CM Collection Vol.2


Year A-Side B-Side(s) / Double A-Side
Chart positions
Label Notes
1975 "Downtown"(written and sung by Tatsuro Yamashita) "Itsumo Dōri (いつも通り)" (written and sung by Taeko Ōnuki) Elec/Niagara Sugar Babe's only single
1976 "Shiawase ni Sayonara (幸せにさよなら)" "Dreaming Day (ドリーミング・デイ Dorīmingu Dei)" Columbia/Niagara Collaboration with Ei-ichi Ōtaki and Ginji Ito
1979 "Let's Dance Baby (レッツ・ダンス・ベイビー Rettsu Dansu Beibī)" "Bomber (ボンバー Bonbā)" RVC/RCA
"Ai wo Egaite (愛を描いて) (Let's Kiss the Sun)" "Shiosai (潮騒) (The Whispering Sea)"
"Eien no Full Moon (永遠のFULL MOON)" "Funky Flushin'" RVC/AIR
1980 "Ride on Time" "Rainy Walk" 3
"My Sugar Babe" "Daydream" 90
1982 "Downtown" "Parade (パレード Parēdo)" ['82 Remix] CBS/Sony/Niagara
"Amaku Kiken na Kaori (あまく危険な香り)" "Music Book" 12 RVC/AIR
1983 "Koukiatsu Girl (高気圧ガール Koukiatsu Gāru)" "Darlin'" 17 Alfa Moon
"Sprinkler (スプリンクラー Supurinkurā)" "Please Let Me Wonder" 34
"Christmas Eve (クリスマス・イブ Kurisumasu Ibu)" "White Christmas" 44 12-inch single
1984 "The Theme from Big Wave" "I Love You (Part I & II)" 23
1985 "Kaze no Corridor (風の回廊 Kaze no Koridō)" "Shiosai (潮騒)" [Live Version] 12
"Doyoubi no Koibito (土曜日の恋人)" "Mermaid" 22
1986 "Christmas Eve (クリスマス・イブ Kurisumasu Ibu)" "White Christmas" 1 Reissue, topped the chart in 1989
1987 "Odoroyo, Fish (踊ろよ、フィッシュ Odoroyo Fisshu)" "You Make Me Feel Brand New" 19
1988 "Get Back in Love" "First Luck (Hajimete no Shiawase (初めての幸運))" 6
1989 "Neo-Tokyo Rhapsody (新・東京ラプソディ Shin-Tōkyō Rapusodi)" "The Girl in White" 76
"Oyasumi Rosie (おやすみロージー Oyasumi Rōjī)" [Live Version] "Suteki na Gogo wa (素敵な午後は)" [Live Version] 22
1990 "Endless Game" "The Theme from Big Wave" [Live Version] 5 MMG/Moon
1991 "Sayonara Natsu no Hi (さよなら夏の日)" "Morning Shine (モーニング・シャイン Mōningu Shain)" 12
"Turner no Kikansha (ターナーの汽罐車 Tānā no Kikansha) (Turner's Steamroller)" "Only with You" [Live Version] 30
1992 "Atom no Ko (アトムの子 Atomu no Ko)" "Blow" 18
1993 "Magic Touch" "I Do" 17
"Jungle Swing (ジャングル・スウィング Janguru Suwingu)" Medley: "Bella Notte" / "Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas" 22
1994 "Parade (パレード Parēdo)" ['82 Remix] "Downtown" [Single Mix] 29
1995 "Sekai no Hate Made (世界の果てまで)" "Futari no Natsu (二人の夏)" [Live Version] 24
1996 "Ai no Tomoshibi (愛の灯) (Stand in the Light)" "Konuka Ame (こぬか雨)" [Live Version] 23 Eastwest/Moon Duet with Melissa Manchester
"Dreaming Girl" "Suna no Onna (砂の女)" [Live Version] 25
1998 "Heron (ヘロン)" 10 Warner/Moon
"Itsuka Hareta Hi ni (いつか晴れた日に)" "Su Ki Su Ki Sweet Kiss! (好・き・好・き SWEET KISS!)" 12
"Christmas Eve (クリスマス・イブ Kurisumasu Ibu)" "White Christmas" 56 Reissue
1999 "Atom no Ko (アトムの子 Atomu no Ko)" "Blow" ['98 Remix] 88 Reissue
"Love Can Go the Distance" "When You Wish Upon a Star" 18
2000 "Juvenile no Theme (Hitomi no Naka no Rainbow) (JUVENILEのテーマ~瞳の中のRAINBOW)" "Atom no Ko (アトムの子 Atomu no Ko)" [Live Version] 20
"Christmas Eve (クリスマス・イブ Kurisumasu Ibu)" "White Christmas" / "Christmas Eve" [English Version] 6 Reissue
2001 "Kimi no Koe ni Koi Shiteru (君の声に恋してる)" "So Much in Love" [New Vocal Remix] 15
2002 "Loveland, Island" "Your Eyes" 26 BMG/AIR
2003 "Ride on Time" "Amaku Kiken na Kaori (あまく危険な香り)" 13 Reissue
"2000 ton no Ame (2000トンの雨)" [2003 New Vocal Remix] "Phoenix (フェニックス Fenikkusu)" 16 Warner/Moon
"Christmas Eve (クリスマス・イブ Kurisumasu Ibu)" "White Christmas" / "Christmas Eve" [English Version, Remix] 47 Reissue
2004 "Wasurenaide (忘れないで)" "Lucky Girl ni Hanataba wo (ラッキー・ガールに花束を Rakkī Gāru ni Hanataba wo)" 14
2005 "Forever Mine" "Midas Touch" 8
"Taiyou no Ekubo (太陽のえくぼ)" 29
"Shiroi Umbrella (白いアンブレラ Shiroi Anburera)" "Lucky Girl ni Hanataba wo (ラッキー・ガールに花束を Rakkī Gāru ni Hanataba wo)" / "Kaze no Corridor (風の回廊 Kaze no Koridō)" [Live Version] 49
2008 "Zutto Issho sa (ずっと一緒さ)" "Angel of the Light" / "La Vie en rose" 4
2009 "Bokura no Natsu no Yume (僕らの夏の夢)" "Muse (ミューズ Myūzu)" / "Atom no Ko (アトムの子 Atomu no Ko)" ['09 Live Version] 8
2010 "Machi Monogatari (街物語)" "Tsuiteoide (ついておいで)" ['09 Live Version] 13
"Kibō toiu Na no Hikari (希望という名の光)" "Happy Gathering Day" 9
2011 "Aishiteru tte Ienaku tatte (愛してるって言えなくたって)" "Koukiatsu Girl (高気圧ガール Koikatsu Gāru)" ['09 Live Version] 15
2013 "Hikari to Kimi e no Requiem (光と君へのレクイエム Hikari to Kimi e no Rekuiemu)" "Composition (コンポジション Konpojishon)" 10
"Christmas Eve (クリスマス・イブ Kurisumasu Ibu)" "White Christmas" / "Christmas Eve" [English Version, Live Version] 10 Reissue (30th Anniversary Edition)
2016 "Cheer Up! The Summer" "CAN’T TAKE MY EYES OFF YOU ~君の瞳に恋してる" (Live) 8


Japan Record Awards
Year Title Category Personnel
1980 (22nd) Moonglow Best Albums (Performer, composer, arranger and producer: Yamashita / lyricist: Minako Yoshida)
1981 (23rd) On the Street Corner 1 Best 10 Albums (Performer, arranger, producer: Yamashita)
1982 (24th) For You Best 10 Albums (Performer, composer, arranger and producer: Yamashita / lyricist: Minako Yoshida)
1983 (25th) Melodies Best 10 Albums (Songwriter, producer, arranger, performer: Yamashita)
1986 (28th) Pocket Music Excellent Albums (Songwriter, producer, arranger, performer: Yamashita)
1988 (30th) Boku no Naka no Shounen Excellent Albums (Songwriter, producer, arranger, performer: Yamashita)
1991 (33rd) Artisan Excellent Albums (Songwriter, producer, arranger, performer: Yamashita)
1993 (35th) Quiet Life Greatest Album (Producer and arranger: Yamashita / Performer and songwriter: Mariya Takeuchi)
2003 (45th) "Christmas Eve" Special Prizes (Songwriter, producer, arranger, performer: Yamashita)
Japan Gold Disc Award
Year Song Category Personnel
1994 (9th) Impressions Grand-prix Album (Producer and arranger: Yamashita / Songwriter and performer: Mariya Takeuchi / arranger: Katsuhisa Hattori / recording engineer: Yasuo Sato)
1998 (13th) Cozy Pop Albums of the Year (Songwriter, producer, arranger, performer: Yamashita)
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