P. Mohan Kandaswamy

Indian politician
Date of death Nov 07, 2008 Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu, India


P. Mohan Kandasamy was an Indian politician from Tirupur.

Life and career

He started his political career as a student member of Congress in 1944. From 1996 to 2001, he was a Member of the Legislature of Tamil Nadu representing Pongalur Constituency from Tamil Maanila Congress.

He was also the managing partner of Mohan Knitting Company and the leader of South India Hosiery Manufacturers Association (SIHMA.) 

A. Sakthivel, the chairman of Poppy's Groups, Tirupur, is his nephew.

He died on 7 November 2008 inCoimbatore. He was 75.


Kandasamy is well remembered for his effort in establishing the temple, "Thiru NeelakandiammanTemple" in Pongalur. He also was one of the trustee members of "pazhani thirukovil".

His son, Mohan Karthik, operates the Kids Club and Kids Matriculation School in Tirupur.

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