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Joseph G. Campbell

Joseph G. Campbell

Irish chess composer
The basics
Occupation Chess composer
Country Ireland United Kingdom
Date of birth Belfast, Belfast city council district, County Antrim, Northern Ireland
Date of death Jan 02, 1891 London, Greater London, London, England
The details

Joseph G. Campbell (1830 - 1891) was one of the most eminent chess players of his time.

Early life and career

Joseph Graham Campbell was born in May 1830, in Belfast, Northern Ireland. He moved to London when he was young.

In 1851, he began to regularly visit Kling's Chess and Coffee Rooms on Oxford Street in London. Kling's was a coffee house with chess rooms, located at 454, New Oxford Street, London. The coffee house was opened by Josef Kling (1811 – 1876), a German chess master and chess composer. At Kling's, Campbell rose to be one of the top chess amateurs in less than eighteen months, beating several well-known players of the time.

After Kling's Rooms closed, Campbell began frequenting Starey's in Rathbone Place, where he played against noted chess players such as Daniel Harrwitz, Robert Brien, Ernst Falkbeer, Robert B. Wormald and Adolf Zytogorski, and won.

In 1858, Campbell was slated to play against the famous American chess player, Paul Morphy, but due to various circumstances, the match never took place.

In 1861, Campbell played a match with Thomas Wilson Barnes, one of the leading chess players from England. At one point in the match, the score was 6 to 1 in favor of Barnes, but Campbell, without losing hope, caught up with Barnes, eventually winning 7 games to 6.

In 1862, Campbell played two informal matches with the German chess master, Adolf Anderssen at Johann Löwenthal's house - Campbell won one, and the other was a draw.

Joseph Campbell was also a skilled chess composer. Frank Healey regarded him as a "brilliant composer of rare depth and originality" and "very talented player, with a deserved reputation of not being according to some of his contemporaries." He composed about 50 problems in three and more moves. According to Giorgio Porreca, some of the problems Campbell created were way ahead his time.


Campbell died on 1 January 1891 in London. 

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