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Janusz Ostrogski

Polish-Lithuanian noble
The basics
AKA Janusz Ostrogski
Date of birth
Date of death 1620 Tarnów
Mother: Zofia Tarnowska
Spouse: Katarzyna Lubomirska
Father: Konstanty Wasyl Ostrogski
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The details

Prince Janusz Ostrogski (Lithuanian: Jonušas Ostrogiškis) (born 1554, died 1620 in Tarnów) was a Polish–Lithuanian noble and statesman. He served as a voivode of Volhyn (1584-1593), as a castellan of Kraków (from 1593 on), and as a starosta of Bohuslav (from 1591), Biała Cerkiew (since 1592), Czerkasy and Kaniów (from 1594), Perejasław (1604 on) and Włodzimierz.
Ostrogski was one of the richest magnates of the Commonwealth, and the last of the male line of the family. Upon his death his estate passed to the Zasławskis.


Janusz was of the princely Ostrogski family, the son of Konstanty Wasyl and Sophie née Tarnowski. He had four siblings; brothers Aleksander and Konstanty and sisters Katarzyna and Elzbieta. He spend his early childhood in Dubno, and then lived at the court of Holy Roman Emperor in Vienna. In 1579 he converted from Orthodoxy to Roman Catholicism.

In 1577, he led the defense of Dubno against the Tatars. During the Livonian War in 1579, he participated in military campaigns in Chernigov and Novgorod-Seversky. On 2 February 1593 together with Alexander Vyshnevetsky he won the battle with the Cossack army under the command of C. Kosinski. For the protection of state borders and their own possessions in 1609, he founded Ostrogski ordination, the capital of which over time became Dubno.

He has held several senior government positions; opposed the support of the Pretender Dmitri-I, and the Commonwealth war with the Moscow State (1609-1618), strengthened Dubno castle ramparts, built a deep moat and a suspension bridge in the city founded by the Bernardine church and church of St. John of Nepomuk. In addition, he funded churches in Mezhyrechchy and Astrovtsy. Orthodox clerics in his province did not interfere.

Cherished treasures of the ancestors, especially the prized gold medal with the image of his father, Prince Constantine-Basil, which as amulets took with him on hikes. This medal is now in the Hermitage .

Ostrogski's wives were:

  1. Suzanne Sered (1582), children: Eleanor and Euphrosyne
  2. Catherine Lubomirski (1597)
  3. Teafiliya Tarlo (1612), children: Janusz Vladimir (who died in infancy)
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