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Gerhard V of Jülich

German noble
The basics
Date of birth
Date of death Aug 20, 1297 Veurne, Arrondissement of Veurne, West Flanders, Flemish Region
Father: William IV, Count of Jülich
Brother(s): Walram Count of Jülich William IV of Jülich Otto van Gulik
Children: William V, Duke of Jülich Walram of Jülich
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The details

Gerhard V of Jülich (before 1250 – 29 July 1328), Count of Jülich (1297–1328), was the youngest son of William IV, Count of Jülich and Richardis of Guelders, daughter of Gerard III, Count of Guelders.

Gerhard succeeded his brother Walram as Count of Jülich in 1297. He supported King Adolf in the Battle of Göllheim in 1298, but when Adolf was killed by King Albert I, Gerhard submitted to Albert and was allowed to keep his imperial fief. He helped Albert against the Rhenish electors in 1300, which confirmed his interests with respect to Cologne. Gerhard also won the river duties of Kaiserswerth, Mönchen-Gladbach, Kessel-Grevenbroich, Rheydt, Münstereifel/Bergheim and Müllenark, among others. In 1313, Gerhard supported Ludwig IV in the succession war for the throne of Germany and allowed Ludwig's coronation in Aachen against the will of the Archbishop of Cologne.

Family and children

Gerhard married before 13 December 1299 Elisabeth of Brabant-Aarschot (c. 1280 – 1350/55), daughter of Godfrey of Brabant and Jeanne, dame de Vierzon. Elisabeth's sister Marie had married Gerhard's brother Walram. Gerhard and Elisabeth has the following children:

  1. William (c. 1300 – 1361)
  2. Ludwig (died after 1311)
  3. Gottfried (died 1335), married Elisabeth of Cleves
  4. Walram (1303/04 – 14 August 1349), Archbishop of Cologne (1332–1349)
  5. Henry, Provost of St. Andreas, Cologne (1319–1334)
  6. John (died after 1327), Canon at Liège St. Jean
  7. Maria (died c. 1353), married Henry II of Virneberg, Dietrich VIII, Count of Cleves and Conrad II of Saffenberg
  8. Elisabeth, married John II, Count of Sayn and Gottfried of Hatzfeld
  9. Richardis (7 March 1314 – 7 March 1360), married 1330 Otto IV, Duke of Lower Bavaria


16. Walter of Hengenbach
8. Eberhard II of Hengenbach (?–1218)
4. William III of Jülich (c. 1172–1218)
18. William I of Jülich (?–1176)
9. Jutta, heiress of Jülich (?–1190)
2. William IV, Count of Jülich (c. 1210–1278)
20. Henry III, Duke of Limburg (c. 1140–1221)
10. Waleran III, Duke of Limburg (c. 1165 – 1226)
21. Sophia of Saarbrücken
5. Matilda of Limburg (c. 1192 – after 1234)
22. Frederick I, Duke of Lorraine (c. 1143–1206)
11. Cunigunda of Lorraine (c. 1170–1214)
23. Ludmilla of Poland (1150–1223)
1. Gerhard V of Jülich
24. Henry I, Count of Guelders (1117–1182)
12. Otto I of Guelders (1150–1207)
25. Agnes of Arnstein (?–bef. 1179)
6. Gerard III, Count of Guelders (1185–1229)
26. Otto I of Wittelsbach, Duke of Bavaria (1117–1183)
13. Richardis of Bavaria (c. 1173–1231)
27. Agnes of Loon (c. 1150–1192)
3. Richardis of Guelders (c. 1215–1293/98)
28. Godfrey III, Count of Leuven (1142–1190)
14. Henry I, Duke of Brabant (1165–1235)
29. Margaret of Limburg (c. 1138–1172)
7. Margaret of Brabant (c. 1185 – 1231)
30. Matthew, Count of Boulogne (c. 1130–1173)
15. Mathilde of Flanders (1170–1210)
31. Marie I, Countess of Boulogne (1136–1182)
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