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Anandpal Singh

Anandpal Singh

The basics
Occupations Gangster
Countries India
Gender male
Birth May 31, 1975
Death June 24, 2017 (Churu district)
The details

Anandpal Singh (31 May 1975 – 24 June 2017) was an aligned notorious gangster and was considered as a robinhood by many in the Indian state of Rajasthan, Haryana, Delhi, Madhya Pradesh and Uttarpradesh. He was from a small town Sanvrad (साँवराद) located in Didwana of Nagaur district in Rajasthan, India.

He was a most-wanted gangster of Rajasthan and carried a reward of ₹5 lakh on his head. He was accused of multiple murders as well as extortion. His encounter resulted in unrest in India as family, public and lawyers said that he wanted to surrender but government and police killed him in fake encounter after his surrender or forced an encounter instead of letting him surrender, resulting in a large protest demanding CBI investigation into his encounter.

Early life

He was born in a small village 'Sanvrad' near Didwana in Rajasthan. This village is accessible through Didwana-Ladnu highway. Anandpal Singh was son of Hukam Singh Chouhan and Nirmal Kanwar. He was a Ravna Rajput.

After his marriage he gained a Bachelor of Education (B.Ed.) degree and started a cement business. He had been president of students union in his college. He also used to run a dairy farm and keep more than 80 cows and buffaloes.


Photo of Anandpal Singh at the time of his marriage in year 1992
Anandpal Singh at the time of his marriage in year 1992

Jeevan Ram Godara, a Jat student leader, became his friend when Anandpal was getting married in 1992. Anandpal decided to ride a horse to his wedding, which was considered a symbol of Rajput pride, and disallowed for the lower castes. The upper-caste Rajputs in his village objected to this, since he belonged to the Ravana Rajput caste. Godara helped him against these Rajputs, which led to friendship among the two men. Godara and his gang members stood guard in the village to make sure that nobody dared to stop the procession.

Political ambitions

Anandpal’s political ambitions began to take shape in 1999-2000 when he fought the election for Panchayat Samiti member of Sanvrad village. He won and later fought the election of Pradhan of Ladnu Panchayat Samiti. He was defeated by a margin of two votes by Jagnath Burdak, the son of former cabinet minister Harajiram Burdak.

In November, 2000, election for Ladnu Panchayat Samiti committees took place. Anandpal and a senior Congress leader at that time came in direct conflict. A police case was lodged against Anandpal for disrupting government work when he didn’t let a contender file nomination for the election. Supporters of Anandpal alleged that under pressure from senior police officers and politicians at that time, the IPC sections related to threatening, extortion and violence were added to make the case non-bailable.

Illegal liquor trade

Anandpal got involved in illegal liquor trade and made enemies out of people who were already in the dirty business. His name cropped up in sensational murders of Gopal Phogawat and Jeevanram Godara (2006).

Love for guns

Anandpal was fond of AK-47 guns. When he was arrested from a farm house near Jaipur in 2012, he was found in possession of an AK-47, bullet-proof jackets and bullets. He allegedly used an AK-47 to fire on policemen at the time of his encounter also.

Influence of Anuradha Chaudhary

He got too much influenced by Anuradha Chaudhary which was a mastermind in his gang in his last many years.

Escaped from the police custody

Since 2012 he was in jail but escaped from the police custody on September 3, 2015 when he was being taken to Ajmer high security jail from a court hearing. Three masked people fired on the van in Khokhar village near Parbatsar, and Anand Pal Singh and two others escaped from the van. He moved to the number-1 slot on the list of most wanted criminals in Rajasthan. He carried the highest cash reward Rajasthan police has ever offered Rs 5 lakh.

Rajasthan police has spent crores of rupees on resources for catching the criminal.

After escaping from police custody, Anandpal was accused of killing a policeman when a police patrolling team tried to stop his vehicle in Gudha Bhagwandas.

Allegations by police

The Rajasthan police in a statement said that Anandpal and his brothers amassed huge wealth after entering the world of crime. “Anandpal’s brother Manjeet Singh was in prison in a murder case since 2006. He himself and another brother Vikki had been on the run from the law. There are no known source of income for the family, but Anandpal’s daughter spent nearly Rs 20 lakh on engineering studies in Dubai,” said the statement. The statement further said that Anandpal’s another daughter was studying at an expensive school in Pune and the same was true for his son. “There are two flats owned by the family in Jaipur’s posh colonies. Each one of them is valued more than Rs 60 lakh. The police confiscated nearly 370 bigha of land,” said the statement adding that there are immovable properties in Kuchaman, Jaipur, Hanumangarh, Sikar and Churu. The family also owns a mine in Makarana, apart from several ‘benami’ properties.

Life style

Anandpal was probably the only criminal in Rajasthan for whom his aides never hesitated to sacrifice themselves. In a gang-war in Bikaner Central Jail in July, 2014, his close aide, Balveer Banuda, jumped in front of bullets when Anandpal’s enemies tried to shoot him to death.

Singh had serious charges against him, including murder, robbery and extortion. Despite having these charges on his head, he had developed Robin Hood image among people. His Facebook image uploads and his video uploads on YouTube gives evidence of his fearless life. Black goggles, black hat, moustache, beard, leather jacket and his huge and solid physical appearance resembled a Bollywood style gangster.

Robin Hood style

It has been said that many times he took money from rich and distributed it among poor and needed. This Robin Hood style made him a hero for many and got him much support.

Personal life

He had a sister and brother named Manjeet Singh and Vikki. He got married in year 1992 despite troubles from local 'dabangs'. Couple had two daughters and a son.

His father, Hukam Singh Chouhan, died on August 11, 2013.


He was very interested in novels and always carried books with him. 'Super Brain' by Deepak Chopra & Rudolph E. Tanzi and 'Life of Pi' by Yann Martel were the books that said to be found by the policemen at time of his encounter in his Scorpio vehicle.

Before death

In May 2017, Anandpal wanted to surrender. His advocates met Governor of Rajasthan, Kalyan Singh, in Jaipur and told him that he is a patriot, if he will be given security he wants to surrender. A fair investigation was demanded on his behalf to the Chief Justice of High Court. In the court, it was said on behalf of Anand Pal that the injustice of leaders has led him to this situation and now all these leaders want him dead. Anandpal's lawyer, A.P. Singh also wrote to the Chief Justice of the Rajasthan High Court, in which he said that the court should conduct a fair investigation in the direction of a judge because Anandpal has not committed any crime. There is no evidence against him, without which it can be said that Anandpal Singh had fired on police personnel from AK-47. He also added that Anandpal ran away because his companion Balveer Banuda was killed inside the jail by his enemy Raju Theth. If he had not escaped then he too would have been killed as he was not even secure inside the jail. His lawyer has alleged that if any lawyer in Rajasthan wants to fight case for Anandpal, then the police lays him in false cases.


Official story

As per police and government officials, he was shot dead at midnight in a raid by the Special Operations Group Anti-Terrorist Squad (India) of the Rajasthan Police at Malasar in Churu district on June 24, 2017.

Public story

Huge amount of public in India and his family refuses the official story and blames government and police for fake encounter after his surrender or a forced encounter instead of letting him surrender.

Anandpal's sister, family and lawyers also said that Anandpal wanted to surrender but government wanted him dead. They asked for protection from the government, court and police many times so he can surrender as he got attacked even in the jail by his enemies.

Various allegations made by people, as he was considered as a Rajput leader and supporter of Indian National Congress which was not considered as good for the BJP. He was also said to be known of BJP leaders secretes.

Facts and questions about encounter

Police Theory Public's questions
The police had killed Anandpal in an encounter in Churu, midnight on June 24, 2017 Why did not the news of the more than 4 hours encounter was not given to the State Home Minister and the IG?
Anandpal's clue was given by his henchman Devender alias Gattu who was arrested with Anandpal's brother Rupesh alias Vicky. When Anand Pal was himself absconding and his henchman was also elsewhere, how did the police get the clue of Anandpal?
After getting the clue, the policemen surrounded Anandpal. He made women shields to escape. Why is there a contradiction in the information given about the incident and fire related information in the press conference by the DGP Manoj Bhatt in Jaipur and Churu's SP, Rahul Barhath?

Why the police did not wait till the morning for action?

Anandpal fired around 100 rounds of AK-47 on the police. Despite getting the AK-47 bullets in front, why the only 2 policemen got just injured even when he was a sharpshooter?
In response, the police fired too and finally after getting hit by 6 tablets, Anandpal died. When Anandpal was firing from AK-47 and he also had cartridges left, then how did police reached near him?

Police talk about gunfight with Anandpal through glass mirror. During the night, looking at the mirror, how can someone fire the bullets?

And how did the police put a mirror in that house amidst such a tremendous encounter?

In the encounter, a police officer Suryaveer Singh and constable Sohan Singh were also injured. Why is the injured policeman are from same community from which Anandpal belonged?


After his encounter his family refused to accept his body and demanded an investigation by the CBI and relocation of his wealth to his family that's been seized by the Government of Rajasthan. Anandpal’s lawyers alleged that the criminal was privy to ‘dirty’ secrets of some minister in the BJP government. It was why he was killed in a police encounter, they alleged without naming the ministers.

On June 28, 2017, Police Superintendent (Nagaur) Paris Deshmukh said that a team of police had gone to the village Sanvrad to give notice to the relatives of the deceased Anandpal Singh. However, relatives refused to accept the notice, so they pasted a notice on the house, in which, according to Section 1965 of the Police Act, the family has been asked to take the dead body in twenty four hours.

On June 30, 2017, A second postmortem was conducted by the order of court.

On July 1, 2017, family of Anandpal accepted the body. Police delivered the body to his daughter Yogita Kanwar and uncle.

Singh's dead body was not cremated till July 13, 2017 (20 days after death) by his family members who were persistent for the investigation of the encounter by CBI.

Demonstration and protests

Due to his Robin Hood image among people, his encounter brought huge unrest in Rajasthan. Many people of the Rajput community in India have been protesting against the fake encounter by the Government of Rajasthan. There's been a lot of chaos in various cities of Rajasthan like Nagaur, Sikar and Churu since June 25, 2017. The people seemed to be extremely upset with the Government, since they wanted the government to get this encounter to be investigated by CBI but the government showed no interest in it. So people started to criticize the decision of government and people showed their anger through social media platforms and as a result of which Internet Services were suspended in three highly sensitive cities including Sikar, Churu and Nagaur for 6–7 days in order to reduce the protest of the people.

Anandpal condolence meet

Joint Struggle Committee formed jointly by Ravana Rajputs and Rajput society called for a tribute meeting to held in the village on July 12, 2017 and on the other hand, the people of the society also sat on a dharna in the village.

Home minister Gulab Chand Kataria, along with the home secretary, Deepak Upreti, Director General of police and other officials had a meeting over the issue on July 10, 2017 to ensure the condolence meeting should go peacefully in the region and no law and order problem should arise. After meeting decisions were made that No weapon would be allowed during the meeting so Section 144 would be imposed in the region and large number of policemen from various units including Rajasthan Armed Constabulary (RAC) would be deployed in the region.

On July 12, 2017, despite the Section 144 in Nagaur, more than 2 lakh people gathered in Sanvrad for Anandpal's condolence meet. To save the law and order from getting worse, 6 ASPs, 14 DSPs, Station officers of all the locations of Nagaur district, 21 police officers from outside of the district were also deployed. More than 2,500 soldiers of RAC, STF and QRT have been deployed and the force was from the other zones of other districts was also deployed, in Didwana Ladnu area. Policemen was also present in plain uniform. At the same time, the team of doctors was also posted. Whole area is under monitoring with drone cameras.

In meet Rajputs vowed not to vote for BJP in 2018 assembly polls.

Despite all the efforts of the government it turned violent. Gunman of SP fired on people which made the people more angry and crowd pelted stones at a police team, leaving 19 personnel injured including the Nagaur SP and One Dead, 32 Injured.

In the violence Haryana’s Lalchand Sharma died and Mahendra Singh, a resident of Jodhpur, got critically injured. Brahmin outfits have slammed the police for not being able to find relatives of Lalchand Sharma so his body can be given to the relatives and can be cremated.

Anandpal's cremation

Anandpal's funeral was done by the police and government forcefully. From morning of July 13, 2017, Jail DG of Rajasthan and Rajput officer Ajit Singh were trying to persuade the family for performing cremation. At 2:30 o'clock in the day, the notice of the Human Rights Commission was staged at the house of Anandpal, that you cremate within 24 hours. For this, human rights had raised the question of human rights and dignity of the Anandpal's body. Police in the evening told the villagers that the funeral would be done and asked Anandpal's son to walk together but when son refused, police took Anandpal's brother Rishiraj and his uncle with them. The police took five people of the village along and brought them to the funeral. And the funeral proceedings were completed.

Anandpal's mother was firm that if the son's encounter will not be investigated by the CBI and forcibly cremated, she would burn with her son. Because of this, the police carried out the whole thing secretly 20 days after death. But as soon as police left with the body of Anandpal, the mother, Nirmal Kanwar, tried to self-sacrifice by sprinkling kerosene on herself.

Denial of CBI investigation

Mean while, Rajasthan home minister Gulab Chand Kataria refused to call for a CBI inquiry on the encounter by saying following words:

How can I order a CBI probe against my own force? I’m the head of the police force. It is morally wrong for me to ask for a CBI probe against my own men, they can move to court if they want it to be probed. We are ready to face any probe but we cannot order it on our own, I was assigned a duty and police force worked on it. If the High Court or the Supreme Court orders a probe then we will face it.

Temple of Anandpal Singh

Rajput Sadhu Kalyan Singh has announced that a temple of Anandpal Singh will be constructed.

Movie on Anandpal Singh

Filmmaker, GhanShyam Singh Odint announced that he will make a film on Anandpal's life. And recently he has acquired the rights from Anandpal Singh's family to make the official biopic movie. He has started researching and writing the script.

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