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Alfonso IV of Aragon

King of Aragon, Valencia, Sicily, Sardinia and Corsica
The basics
Date of birth Naples
Date of death Jan 24, 1336 Barcelona
Mother: Blanche of Anjou
Sister(s): Maria of Aragon Lady of Cameros Isabella of Aragon Queen of Germany Violante d'Aragona
Father: James II of Aragon
Spouse: Teresa d'Entença Eleanor of Castile
Children: Constance of Aragon Queen of Majorca Peter IV of Aragon James I Count of Urgell Fernando de Aragón y Castilla Juan de Aragón y Castilla
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The details

Alfonso IV, called the Kind (also the Gentle or the Nice, Catalan: Alfons el Benigne) (2 November 1299 – 24 January 1336) was the King of Aragon and Count of Barcelona (as Alfonso III) from 1327 to his death. He was born in Naples, the second son of James II and Blanche of Anjou. His reign saw the incorporation of the County of Urgell, Duchy of Athens, and Duchy of Neopatria into the Crown of Aragon.
During the reign of his father, he was the procurator general of the Crown. He married Teresa d'Entença y Cabrera, heiress of Urgell, in 1314 in the Cathedral of Lerida. He is reputed to have been so liberal in the expenses during the wedding, that the local counsels imposed restrictions on how much he could spend. In 1323–1324, he undertook the conquest of Sardinia. He became heir after his older brother James renounced his rights to become a monk. In 1329, he began a long war with the Republic of Genoa. The city of Sassari surrendered in 1323, but rebelled three more times and was contested by Genoa.
After being widowed in 1327, Alfonso married in February 1329 Eleanor of Castile (1308–1359), who was betrothed to his brother James, who had refused to consummate the marriage. She was the sister of Alfonso XI of Castile. Because of some favoritism he showed towards his second wife, the last years of his life, he had to contend with the son of his first marriage, the future Peter IV.


Artistic presentation of Alfonso IV, painted by Manuel Aguirre y Monsalbe (1822–1856)

By Teresa d'Entença:

  • Alfonso (1315–1317)
  • Constance (1318–1346), married in 1336 to James III of Majorca.
  • Peter IV (1319–1387), successor.
  • James I, Count of Urgell (1321–1347), also inherited Entença and Antillon.
  • Elizabeth (1323–1327).
  • Frederick (1325-died young).
  • Sancho (1327), lived only a few days.

By Eleanor of Castile:

  • Ferdinand (1329–1363), Marquis of Tortosa and Lord of Albarracín and Fraga; married Maria, Marchioness of Tortosa.
  • John (1331–1358), Lord of Elche, Biel and Bolsa, married in 1355 to Isabel Núñez de Lara (daughter of Juan Núñez III de Lara) and was killed by order of his cousin Pedro of Castile.


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28. Béla IV of Hungary
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30. Kuthen the Cuman
15. Elizabeth the Cuman
31. Galicie of Halicz
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