Alexis Isabel Moncada
Alexis Isabel Moncada

Alexis Isabel Moncada

Activist Internet celebrity
United States of America
Date of birth Florida, USA


Alexis Isabel Moncada is an American feminist twitter activist from Florida. Besides being active in feminism, she also works with charities such as the National Children's Alliance among others.

Her official Twitter account is @feministculture, and her personal Twitter account is @lexi4prez


Alexis was born on August 16, 1998, in Sunrise, FLorida.

Growing up, she was passionate about feminism and female empowerment. At the age of sixteen, she began educating herself on these subjects with the help of books, news, and documentaries.

To spread awareness, and talk about these issues, she started a website "Feminist Culture." The visitors engaged in often-controversial topics ranging from race and religion to sexuality. She also maintained an active twitter account @feministculture. As of January 2017, feministculture has 190K followers. She uses #bodiposi hashtag to encourage people to love and be comfortable with their bodies.


I think it's about creating a society where everyone is accepted for the people they want to be and things they want to achieve. And letting women all of the world get the chance to make something of themselves, and destroying the gender roles that limit us from progressing as a society.


on racists remarks: I usually just ignore it, but my followers usually stick up for me. People like that will always exist; sometimes it’s just not worth the breath.

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