Aidan Alexander
Aidan Alexander

Aidan Alexander

American actor and YouTube star
Actor YouTuber Internet celebrity
United States of America
Date of birth Boise, Idaho
Residence Los Angeles, California
Height: 5' 9"
Authority IMDB id


Aidan Alexander (born 2000) is an American actor and YouTube star.

Early life

Alexander was born on 17 February 2000, in Boise, Idaho, USA.

Growing up, he was always keen on acting, and the age of five, he acted in a school play.


Alexander's acting career began with acting in school plays at the age of five.

In 2010, when he was ten years old, he wrote and directed a short film named "In the Shadows." In 2012, he appeared in the movie ".270 (270 - the movie)" which won the Grand Jury Prize at the New York International Screenwriter's Awards. In the movie, he acted alongside Nathan Burr and Adam LaVorgna.

He created his account on YouTube in November 2012, and has been sharing short comedic videos every Sunday ever since. He acts in, writes and directs all his videos. With his talent, by January 2017, he had amassed a following of over a million and a half people across YouTube, Vine, Instagram, and Twitter.

Upon the suggestion of his teacher, he left his hometown in Idaho and moved to Los Angeles to further his career in acting. 

In 2013, he portrayed young Johnny in the movie "Red Wing" alongside Glen Powell, Bill Paxton, Frances Fisher, and Luke Perry. Soon after, he appeared in the television shows "Granite Flats," and "Defining Moment."

He frequently collaborates with fellow social media stars including Allie Evans and Tanner Zagarino.

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